Our Beers

It's all about the beer. Currently we offer three "regular" beers that are available pretty much year around in bottles, kegs and growlers. Then there are the infamous "Single Batch" series - beers that spring from the fever dreams of our brewers and inspiration from our customers - available as they happen, only in growlers, firkins or the occasional far-sighted draft account.

Stagecoach Amber Ale
A traditional amber ale and the brewery’s flagship brew. Our Amber Ale is made with five varieties of premium malts. Brewed with generous amounts
of Pacific Northwest hops, this
ale has a classic fruity beginning with a hoppy finish. Available
in growlers, kegs and
12-ounce bottles,

Stagecoach Golden Ale
A traditional golden ale, and the brewery’s second brew. Our Golden is made with four varieties of premium malts to give a clean, smooth flavor. Brewed with generous amounts of noble hops, honey malts are added to balance the hop bitterness and to bring a touch of sweetness to the finish.

Stagecoach Smoked Porter
Made in the tradition of the smoked beers of Europe. Ingredients used in this unique creamy dark beer include
smoked and chocolate malts that combine for a subtle licorice-like flavor and with chocolate overtones.

We sometimes go off the rails and create special versions of our beers, available only in growlers or firkins. Check back here or keep an eye on our Facebook page for a heads up when these special brews become available.




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